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girlinpassing-deactivated201207 said: So how did you get your job at Yo Gabba Gabba? Sorry if this has been asked to death...

I literally fell into it. Two things to know about me from high school, I worked as a character at Disneyland and I was a huge aquabats fan.  The aquabats are really good about getting to know their core fanbase, so naturally they knew I worked as a character.  After one of the christmas shows the lead singer, Christian, approached me and asked if I would like to help with a project because of my costuming background.  Of course I agreed and after a few meetings I was dubbed ‘Brobee’. During preproduction they asked if I wanted to audition for my own voice. It turned out I wasn’t the right match for Brobee so they had me try Toodee. It worked out pretty well and I became the voice of Toodee. Everything started rolling along from there.

Yo Gabba Gabba, as a show and as a group of amazing people, came to me at such a crucial ‘growing up’ time in my life. I know that it has really shaped who I have turned out to be and I am so grateful to everyone involved.  If I ever sound indifferent or thankless, it’s because I’m resentful of the hole it will leave in my existence once it goes away.

uuugh mushy shit… gross.

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