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FAQ about Dresses

I was getting a lot of the same questions and the theme on my tumblr does not show question topics for some reason in it’s layout… 


1. Can I buy a dress please?

Yes, you can.  Please email me with your inquiry: with a subject containing “Dress” somewhere in it for filtering reasons.

2.  How much would a dress cost?

The fabric is pretty expensive and it takes some time so I’m asking for $200 + shipping for each dress.  I make these all by hand to fit you specifically so technically it IS couture.

3.  How long would it take for me to get my dress after I’ve paid for it?

I’m a little backed up so it can take 4 - 6 weeks from your payment to your door.  The fabric ships 7 - 10 days after order so you have to take that into the equation as well.

4.  I need it in a hurry, what should I do?

Aside from building a time machine, I’d recommend letting me know what day you need it prior to order and I’ll let you know if I can move stuff around to rush your dress to your bodacious bod and depending on the time crunch, I might charge you a bit more.

5.  Do you do other prints/fabrics?

Yes, I can. I charge a $20 design fee.  If you want something in particular that I do not have, let me know and I’ll try to whip something up for you.  The site I buy fabric on prints on a variety of fabrics.  Some are expensive and a couple are cheaper.  I do not recommend going cheaper as the fabric tends to get scratchy and stiff down the quality line.

6.  Where do you get your fabric printed?

I recommend ordering their fabric swatch book to feel/see the difference in fabric quality.  I use the Organic Cotton Sateen option because it feels alright and holds colors well.

7.  Can I buy fabric from you pleaaaaseee???

No, sorry.

8.  Do you do shirts? Skirts?

Button up shirts are $180 because they take roughly the same amount of fabric and time. Please send me an email for further questions.

Above the knee waist band skirts are $90.  If you’d like something a little more tailored or longer, please email me for a quote

9.  Where did you learn to sew?

I first learned in a home economics class in 8th grade but picked it back up again a few years ago.  Everything I know now is self taught. 

10.  What are you sewing with?

I sew with two machines:  Brother CS 6000i Computer and a Brother 1034D 3/4 Lay-In Thread Serger

11. Can you make a different style of dress aside from the tank dress?

Yes.  If you have a specific pattern you’d like me to use let me know.  I also suggest checking at their download patterns.  You can send me a link to something you’d like and I’ll let you know if it’s possible.

12.  Where are you located?

I live in Los Angeles, CA

13.  Do you ship internationally?

International shipping will be done through USPS and will take a bit longer to get to it’s destination that usual

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